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Witty prose, playful illustrations

Beach Santa is a clever twist on ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas!  Seeing Santa on a beach and a surfboard is just plain fun!   Witty prose, playful illustrations, and a heartfelt message all add up to a story all ages can enjoy.  Love that some of the proceeds go to charity too!

-Kathryn Ferguson, Springfield NJ

This Book Has A Lot of Heart

Beach Santa is a story that is set not BEFORE Christmas but the day AFTER. Determined to change it up a bit and ditch the cold, Santa wants to catch a fish for the first time, but of course being Santa he jumps into action to help children instead. This book has a lot of heart, and reinforces the Santa we’ve come to know and love.  Beach Santa is perfect for any reader who believes in the true spirit of Christmas miracles.

-Lauren Brown, Elementary School Teacher

Creative, Funny and Engaging

Beach Santa is a great holiday story for all ages. It’s creative, funny, and engaging all while highlighting inclusiveness and social emotional themes. As an educator of primary students, I am always looking for ways to bring these important messages to my students. Can’t wait to read it to them this season!

Doreen Feuster, Educator

Beach Santa is a great story for all ages

“My family loves Christmas. The holiday decorations, music, and books come down from the attic shortly after Halloween. I am so excited to add a new book to the rotation this year! It’s funny, unique, and has a great message.”

-Meghan Jacobson, Westfield NJ

Beach Santa Epitomizes the True Meaning of the Holiday Season – with a Creative Twist 

What a clever premise for a holiday book for children! So many children’s books discuss the anticipation of Christmas, but the importance of being generous is crucial all year round.  The illustrations are creative, detailed, and bring the story to life! My favorite is the image of Mrs. Claus catching a fish and Santa looking disappointed!  This should be a staple during the holiday season for every family! 

-Courtney Kramer, Boston MA

Nostalgic Illustrations

Beach Santa is a tale that will pull you in, make you laugh, and leave you with affirmation for the best in humanity. Beautifully written with nostalgic illustrations, this book will become a family tradition while reminding us that it’s better to give than to receive. Bravo!

-Bill, Ohio

Kids of All Ages Will Enjoy This

I recently purchased a few copies simply based on the charming cover and fun story idea. I plan to give these as Christmas gifts as I know that everyone can enjoy this adorable story. I highly recommend it.

Kathy B.

Heartwarming Story

A delightful story about generosity and the Christmas spirit that lives on past Christmas Day. The illustrations are thoughtfully crafted and capture a fun side of Santa in vacation mode. Children will enjoy meeting Beach Santa through this heartwarming story.

-Sue NJ Primary School Teacher

Something Different

I really enjoyed Beach Santa because it’s not a winter story. It’s actually a summer story, on an island and Santa always saves the day which is great. Something unique and different!

-Todd Frazier former Major League Baseball player and Rutgers Alum

Great for K-3 Social Emotional Learning

As a primary school teacher and mother, I highly recommend this book! This book can easily be used in grades K-3 as a mentor text for social-emotional learning, specifically character education, kindness, and generosity.  I love how the characters face challenges and Santa helps out even while exhausted.  It’s a wonderful way of teaching empathy and acknowledging students with disabilities without drawing attention to their special needs.  A great read to share the true spirit of Christmas.  Beach Santa is a book for everyone!

-Andrea Devine, Primary School Teacher

How does Santa unwind? Or does he even

What an adorable story! Love the illustrations and the adventure Beach Santa goes on is so much fun! Who knew Santa could surf!! He may have had a vacation, but he never takes a day off ❤️

-Gretchen S., Jersey Shore

I love Beach Santa!

It is a book for all ages. I had lots of laughs reading it! The dedication is so sweet and the author and the illustrator really put a lot of time and thought into this book. I would love to read more books from this author and this illustrator.
-Caroline – sixth grader from NJ

The Spirit of Christmas Doesn’t Take a Vacation

Great story to illustrate that the true meaning of Christmas doesn’t begin and end on Christmas day. Even Santa, who deserves a well-earned vacation and some quiet time, can’t resist the pull to spread more kindness. And of course, he gets his elves involved! Sweet story, great illustrations, and set in the perfect winter getaway! Post-Christmas cheer for all ages!

-Rose, NJ

Who Doesn’t Wonder What Santa Does After Christmas

I really loved this book! It has some very unexpected details, such as the tie-in to other well-known children’s stories, that made me laugh and smile. The illustrations are great! They have a whimsical aspect to them that a lot of kids will be drawn to. They might even want to pull out their own sketch book and try to recreate one. Upon closer look… the details on Santa’s shirt…adorable. Each reread allows for additional little treasures to be found. Kids will get a kick out of seeing the activities that Santa enjoys and can make connections to what they like to do on vacation. They will love the “aha” moment when they see the possible reason why Santa has so much trouble catching a fish. The heart of the story is an important message that never gets old. Santa and the spirit of Christmas live throughout the whole year. The knowledge that part of the proceeds supports a charity for people who are living with paralysis made me smile too. Through that, the message comes to life. This would be a great stocking stuffer but is not a story to be enjoyed just at Christmas. It’s a book that will be taken off the shelf again and again.

-Janice B, Educator

Great Message

This book is adorable! The illustrations are perfect, and the message of selflessness and helping others is a great message that children will receive when reading this book. Such a creative twist on typical Santa stories with a great message that your children will learn from!

-Reilly Ricciardi, SC

Beautiful Illustrations with a Story to Match

Cute Santa Book for Little Ones… BEACH SANTA has a unique concept of Santa on a well-deserved holiday, after Christmas, on Santabel Island. The book has beautiful illustrations with a story to match! Since it takes place after Christmas, it could be read to young ones all year round. I would highly recommend it for young kids.

-Sheela Iyer Tinton Falls, NJ

Santa is on a Quest

Beach Santa starts and ends in a familiar take off of the popular story, Twas the Night Before Christmas. Beach Santa is a feel-good story of the adventures of Santa days after Christmas. It speaks of kindness and giving back only as the spirit of Christmas and Santa can do.
After a night of delivering presents, Santa needs a vacation and sets off to the beach to conquer his quest to catch a fish. It is written with consideration of all kinds of people. The illustrations are great too! You will be amazed at the different things you catch after reading it over and over again.
I loved the book and love that some of the proceeds go to charity.

-Joanne C, NJ

 Santa does go on holiday after Christmas!

This is an adorable book about Santa’s adventures after Christmas. There are lots of cute references to ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. The illustrations are excellent and give a clue as to why Santa has such a hard time catching a fish. Fantastic message, right in line with the Christmas spirit of it is better to give than receive. Great book!

-Christopher J, FL

 Beach Santa- Just Fun!

Beach Santa was an unexpected fun time. Not your typical Christmas story. To see Santa out of his normal environment and doing other things was really special. The story flowed well and the art surprised me. Where will Santa go next? Can’t wait for more!

-Tim Blankely, NYC

A Great Read

I recently reviewed an advanced copy of Beach Santa and I loved it! There are wonderful lessons reinforced in this children’s book, from the importance of doing things for others, to having a positive attitude and striving to achieve a goal. It offers a creative take on Twas the Night Before Christmas, and all children should get a kick out of not only seeing Santa in the offseason, but in how the spirit of giving and selflessness can last all the year through. The illustrations in the book add to the charm of the underlying theme that people pulling together – from all walks of life – can accomplish wonderful things!