Author Visits

Author Visits are approximately 45-60 minutes

Grades pre K-3 Author visit includes an interactive presentation on how this idea became a book,  Beach Santa-inspired activity/coloring pages, a reading of the book, and Q and A.

class visits

Grades 4-5 Author visit includes information on persevering through the writing process: developing the origin story, character development, conflict resolution, overcoming obstacles while writing, collaboration between the author/illustrator, a reading of the story, and Q and A.

Please email: [email protected] if you would to request an author visit. Generally, author visits start at 150/presentation with discounts available for multiple bookings. I look forward to connecting with you! Please see below for reviews…

Author Visit Reviews

Dynamic Presentation

M.B. Paradise’s book is a treasure; her story about the writing process and M.B.’s passion and perseverance were our students’ takeaways from a dynamic presentation.  I wholeheartedly recommend inviting this author to your school.

-Erin O’Connell, Principal, Allenwood Elementary School

More Than Just an Author Visit

M.B.’s presentation is so much more than just an author visit. Her message about perseverance and having a growth mindset is what stood out the most. Being a principal in a public school, I was slightly hesitant to have this author in for a visit, simply based on the books’ title. However, I am so pleased I took a chance on this author! This book is really about teamwork and generosity. Her visit includes so many important lessons for our youngsters and it did not focus on the holiday. It describes the process of becoming a published author, the task of writing a story from a seed idea to a final piece, the setbacks that come while striving towards a goal, all while also giving back to an important cause is priceless. I would highly recommend a visit from M.B. Paradise at your school or organization. 

-Cari Lopez, Principal at Livingston Avenue School, Cranford, NJ

Captivating Visit

M.B. Paradise was able to capture and hold the attention of even our littlest patrons. She kept the whole room engaged with her impressive storytelling and amiable attitude. Her heartwarming book is filled with beautiful illustrations and an inspiring narrative for all ages. Our community had a blast during her visit!

-Brielle Public Library 

This Author Visit Sparks Excitement

Our visit with MB was a wonderful experience. Our students loved hearing not only her fabulous story Beach Santa, but loved hearing HER story of how her idea became a published book. MB sparks excitement and imagination in children and they loved creating their own Santa’s in disguise inspired by her story and her passion that she shared with our students during her visit.

-Beth Fallivene, Bay Head School- 2nd grade

100% Agree With the Message That We Are ALL Creative

M.B. Paradise’s visit was a true joy! She had a wonderful presence while talking about her creative process with our Kindergarten through 3rd graders. Beach Santa was bright, imaginative, and placed an emphasis on kindness. I really appreciated the attention she gave in her talk to taking inspiration from real life, holding onto ideas, and how creativity transcends technical skills of artists and can be found in any pursuit. I am very glad our kids had the opportunity to hear from her!

-Miss Liz Stahl, Art Teacher, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School, Asbury Park

My Class Loved This Visit

It was so wonderful hearing this authors’ journey and listening to her book today. My first grade class LOVED it!

-Alyse Leybovich, First Grade Elementary School Teacher

Great Mentor Text for Social Emotional Learning 

This author visit was a wonderful way to emphasize to our second-grade students that they are indeed authors in their own right!  M.B. encouraged them to become writers and she described character and plot development in a way our students could easily understand. I appreciate that the book has a child in a wheelchair but doesn’t draw attention to it.  She normalized it. This book can easily be used in grades K-3 as a mentor text for social emotional learning, and has themes of kindness and generosity.  All the second graders benefited greatly from seeing the stages of the writing process, and were able to apply some techniques to their own writing!  It was a great presentation to the whole grade level!  I highly recommend an author visit from this author.  

-Andrea Devine, Grades K-2 Enrichment Teacher 

Our Students Had a Wonderful Time

After a dynamic presentation, MB Paradise led our students in a hands-on activity which they loved. Afterwards, they could not wait to tell their other teachers everything they had done and learned during this author visit!  Our Lady of Mt. Carmel school can’t wait to arrange a second visit for grades 3-5! Thank you so much for visiting our school!

-Michelle Masarik Librarian/ STEM Consultant Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, Asbury Park

My Student’s Loved this Visit

Thanks to M.B. Paradise for a delightful and comprehensive author visit for our first graders!  Not only did M.B. read her sweet story to a captivated audience, she explained the steps, timeline and setbacks encountered during her journey to becoming an author.  The kids loved her book and really enjoyed learning all about the process!  Never give up and go after your dreams! 

-Kristin Cacicedo, First Grade Teacher in Summit, NJ

All of Our Students Were Engaged

“We were so very pleased to have hosted M.B. Paradise. She tailored her slideshow to our different grade levels and had all of our students engaged the whole time while she discussed what inspired her to become a writer, her editing process, working with an illustrator, marketing her book herself, and many more topics. M.B. was genuinely interested in talking to our students during a fun Q&A. It is my pleasure to recommend her to you for your school as well.”

-Doug Sacks Teacher-Librarian, West Belmar and Central Schools

The Kids Had A Blast

“On behalf of our K, 1, 2, 3 classes a great big THANK YOU for coming in and sharing your story with us! The kids had a blast and all the teachers had nothing but great things to say.”

-Peter DeBennedeto- Brielle Elementary School

Excellent Presentation to Our Class

Beach Santa is an adorable children’s book written by the author, M.B. Paradise.  She did an excellent job presenting her story as well as providing background knowledge about her journey becoming an author.  This book is entertaining, engaging and is filled with beautiful illustrations.  Beach Santa would make a fantastic addition to any child’s library!

-The Second Grade Teachers at Manasquan Elementary School

What an Amazing Book

Thank you to M.B. Paradise for coming into our Little Bucs classroom at Red Bank Regional! We loved hearing your story behind it all!

-Kristin H. RBR Pre-K Teacher